Partners of Sky

At Sky we make sure to expand our global outreach by partnering with like minded enthusiastic professionals. From all corners of the world handpicked trustworthy and dedicated experts will provide extensive proficient services, with patience and integrity, transparency and openness. They reflect not only the values of the new generation with modernized approach to high quality filmmaking, but they also mirror the highest standards that Sky films is proud to uphold. Check our ever-expanding list of affiliates below.

Mert Canatan

/ Producer / Partner of Valencia, Spain

Suat Onur Ayas

/ Sound Designer / M.P.S.E / Partner of LA

Rania Atallah

/ Producer / Partner of Beirut

Şevket Serkan Şen

/ Production Coordinator / Partner of Northern Cyprus

Nancy Kokolaki

/ Producer / Partner of Athens

Baturay Tavkul

/ Director / Partner of Las Vegas

Taylan Sinan Yılmaz

/ Director / Partner of Los Angeles